Due to the nature of Ghostwriting, we are only able to showcase small snippets of our work. Rachel has provided examples of her ghostwriting below.

The ram’s revival (an excerpt from an autobiography)

Ram Painting

We lived on a small-holding in a semi-rural area, and my father liked to keep animals. In his wisdom, he spent a great deal of money on a ram. It occupied the field right next to the house and was belligerent, aggressive and a highly unpleasant creature. Rams are notorious for being cantankerous, but this one was a particularly obnoxious example.

It had, several times, charged at my father and knocked him over, causing various injuries. Then one day, it became subdued, appearing disinterested in tormenting anyone who dared intrude on its territory. It was very lethargic, and it soon became obvious that it was ill.


Rachel's account her mother's death


It is over 9 years since my life was shattered by the passing of my beloved mum, Penny. 


Every day without her is agonising, but birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries intensify the grief – a reminder, perhaps, of a gaping wound that will never heal.

I could never have imagined the impact her death would have on me. Despite her terminal lung cancer diagnosis, I felt wholly unprepared for her rapid deterioration, her subsequent death and the sheer desolation I would feel still feel years later.

Her death had a more profound effect on me than anything before or since.